February 18, 2017

All Things Raw

YESSSSS Jason and I are finally getting married! Everything happened wayyyyy too quickly, we booked our sales of balance flat in Nov and collecting keys second quarter this year (SO FAST RIGHT?!). We didn't expect to hold our banquet this year since I still have other plans in mind but there was a really good deal for a hotel we had in mind so we thought let's go for it then.

One of the exciting thing for me was to ask the girls to be my bridesmaids. I crafted the leather pouches for them some time back and each pouch is personalised with debossed lettering of their names. I'm an amateur when it comes to letter stamping (can't seem to get the pressure right each time!), the end result was alright after much practice, not perfect but decent hahaha. I really really missed sewing leather goods too!

I wasn't exactly going for the full rustic look so I experimented with metallic paint, the initial result was scary and strange looking but when the paint dried up, the kraft papers looked gorgeous. I hope you girls like what I made! Can't wait to plan more with you bunch. xx

Renovation and wedding happening this Nov, we're super excited! Our pre-wedding shoot is in April and I'll share more when we get back to Singapore. Till then! (:


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